All courses taken at The University of Virginia

Fall 2011

USEM 1580: Readings in Mediterranean Literature
COMM 1800: How Business Works
HIUS 3051: The Age of Jefferson
FREN 3031: Intensive Grammar and Composition
MATH 2310: Calculus III

Spring 2012

CS 1110: Introduction to Programming
HIEU 3820: The French Revolution
MDST 2010: Introduction to Digital Media Studies
PLIR 1010: Introduction to International Relations
RELG 2190: Religion in Modern Fiction

Fall 2012

MDST 2000: Introduction to Media Studies
ECON 2010: Introduction to Microeconomics
PPOL 4500: Food Policy
EDLF 3500: U.S. Education Policy
COMM 2010: Introduction to Financial Accounting
INST 1550: Dinosaurs and the Human Imagination

Spring 2013

CS 2110: Software Development Methods
MDST 3705: Code, Language and Media
ECON 2020: Introduction to Macroeconomics
ENWR 2300: Introduction to Poetry Writing
FREN 3032: The Reading And Writing of Texts


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