#UgandaSpeaks out in Response to KONY2012

In response to the KONY2012 viral video, people all around the world are speaking out, enabled by digital media. A group in Uganda has even started a blog, Uganda Speaks, to voice their concerns and perspectives. Heres a video summarizing their raison d’être and reaction to KONY2012:

The blog was started as a direct result of the KONY2012 campaign, and will help publicize the opinions of the Ugandan blogosphere, on issues of genocide as well as other social problems. While many aspects of KONY2012 have been heavily criticized from all sides this is one unequivocally, if indirect, positive consequence of the campaign. KONY2012 very effectively inspired an international interest in Ugandan affairs and encouraged bloggers to start sites like Uganda Speaks. The online conversation that this generates helps everyone understand the situation in Uganda and the intricacies of genocide everywhere.


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