Some Things You Can’t Google…

Google’s company slogan is “Do No Evil.”  Yet, an article on from March 18, 2012 accuses Google of “aiding war criminals.”

The article describes an interesting issue with Google Earth’s satellite images over certain areas of Sri Lanka where a genocide is believed to have taken place.  The photos of the area in question (the location of supposed killing “fields”) are from 2005, before the genocide began, whereas all the images of the surrounding areas are from 2009.  Additionally, there is a curious haze over this area, obscuring the ground in the area.


Screenshot from Google Maps March 19, 2012

In his book, The Master Switch, Tim Wu warns that Google possesses too much power because their services are the lens through which most web users locate and access information on the web.  With this power to deliver vast amounts of information to the computers of millions of people worldwide also comes to power to restrict the dissemination of certain information.  Could Google be hiding something from us? It’s certainly possible.

While accusations of accepting bribes from the Sri Lankan government and dishonest journalism may materialize, it’s important to remember that there very well could be a reasonable explanation for this curious, coincidental phenomenon.  However, it’s equally important to recognize this as an example of how powerful Google has become.


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