Human Design

“Different strokes for different folks.” x “Do as you would be done by.”

Are these commonplaces contradictory?

Human Design offers a worthwhile personality typing system that I encourage you to explore and share. 

It helps us treat one another better, and not only along one standard spectrum of love, kindness, or I-scratch-your-back reciprocity.

Please know that if our work together reaches a certain level, these distinctions between aura types will become relevant and allow us to work at a more potent conceptual level.

For now, see


The premises of my political stance are simply thus:

Modern industry and robotics brilliantly blow away much if not all ancient wisdom and human practice when it comes to resource use and allocation. Providence has been collected and transformed.

Now, we face the puzzle of distribution of and access to this modern bounty.

The universal basic income is the best political solution to this. It is an idea that has had its some chances in the U.S.A. political spotlight, and seems to continue to grow in popularity.

However, it does not address the issue of accumulation or the possibility of inflation, which I propose to address through the biblical model of a jubilee. Every fifty years (for example), the currency tallies will return to zero and we live only on non-monetary relations.

The second problem is that of the balanced and healthy enjoyment of this newfound freedom and wealth. Only through games can we achieve the solution to this. The games solve our need to know where we are in the hierarchy without actually taking advantage of anyone else. The best games, to me, are the ones that incorporate various modalities and methods. And they are more fun to play, more fair, more real, when all players have their basic needs met and ensured.

I would love to hear your commentary and reflection on these ideas.


The Chinese Doctor

To share a vision of health and a vision of death for men from the book Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang (Anchor Books, 1991).

My grandmother and Dr. Xia never had any children together. He subscribed to a theory that a man over the age of sixty-five should not ejaculate… Years later, my grandmother told my mother, somewhat mysteriously, that through qigong Dr. Xia developed a technique which enabled him to have an orgasm without ejaculating… He was never ill, and took a cold shower every day. He never touched alcohol or tobacco…


In the end,

he died at the age at eighty-two. He was leaning back in bed drinking a glass of milk. My grandmother went out of the room for a minute and when she came back to get the glass she saw the milk had spilled and the glass had fallen on the floor. He died instantly and painlessly….Right up until the end he enjoyed extraordinarily good health.


Built-in sunglasses?

Here is a great photograph illustrating how the body protects the eyes from sunlight. In fact, it is quite unnatural to use sunglasses, and exposure to natural light is healing, opening, and refreshing to the eyes.

I advise you to try the following exercise, called “sunning.”

Close your eyes and face towards the morning or evening sun. Massage your temples. Using your neck, swing your head from right to left, still facing the sun. Breathe deeply and rhythmically, and begin to blink your eyes open and shut letting the sunlight penetrate. If you are not used to this, begin gently.

If you have more questions about this, feel free to visit my page on Visual Reparations, or send me a message.

All the best and all for now.

Good Decisions + Outfit for the Times

Good Decisions
So tiny and directional, like stars,
But, O, as rapid as machine gun pop,
Constructive as whirlwind dervish, yet:
Informed by stacks of tomes and battery
Of metered sensors. Mayan mason built
Launchpad for bright Apollo's jet pack lute.
Alas, conquistadors decide like mud!

Outfit for the Times
Now naiad gives her gracing wake
To sewers and scummed waterways,
And woodland nymph a-crosses barren
Land for which clearcut is name,
And flits o’er landfill, her domain.

A flameful spritetress eyes the glows
Of huge, alchemic, roaring stoves
And little sparks a-fusing parts.
So topped with feather, ether's queen
Is watching plumes of fumes disperse.

  All in gasmasks, goggles, boots,
And charmed, one use, haz-mat suits.